Abrams Dinner Party

Calling all bookstagrammers, bloggers, foodies, and cookbook lovers!

ABRAMS Books cordially invites you to apply to be a “guest” at the ABRAMS Dinner Party!

Do you have your next meal planned out before you even finish the one before? Do you know where the perfect lighting is in your kitchen for a beautiful photo of your finished dish? Are all of your cookbooks flagged with your “must-makes”? We want you to join our esteemed ranks of social media aficionados in the ABRAMS Dinner Party to become a brand advocate for the ABRAMS food & drink program.

Selected “guests” (or members) will receive our full fall 2021 and spring 2022 food & drink libraries, as well as ABRAMS swag, exclusive advance content, access to author events, the chance to be an official ABRAMS recipe tester, and, of course, bragging rights. You will also gain access to a private online community to chat with other members about the books you’ve received, recipes you’re testing, and anything else that’s going on in the food or book world!

Over the course of a year, we ask that you help spread the word about our books by posting to your online platform. You can tailor your messaging and posts to fit within your existing voice and brand, including, but not limited to, posting photos on Instagram, creating video flip-throughs or tutorials, testing and sharing recipes, writing reviews on your blog, and tweeting out tips from the books.

Fill out the application form below before August 15 to apply.
Selected members will be notified by August 27.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dinner Party Testimonials

I truly enjoyed my time as an ABRAMS Dinner Party influencer. I was exposed to so many cuisines (and cocktails!) that I would never have tried, and I was able to spread my enthusiasm for new cookbooks to my followers. I also met lots of fun foodies in the Dinner Party group on Facebook.—Anne Lyndon Peck
"Being a part of the Abrams Dinner Party is like celebrating Christmas all year long, but better—nothing but good food, great books, and a warm community. This group taught me so much, and made my culinary year extra rewarding and delicious."—Julie Coryell, @bookchew 
“I absolutely loved this last year in #abramsdinnerparty ! Not only have I discovered new favorite recipes, but I have also met a whole community of book loving foodies just like me.”—Jean Huber, @bookmama789
“Being a member of the ABRAMS Dinner Party was such a fun learning experience. It introduced me to culinary experts I otherwise wouldn't have known, it sharpened my cooking and baking skills, and made me more confident and creative in the kitchen. I also loved being part of such a warm, supportive community, and I feel that I've found good friends along the way.”—Mae E.
“The Abrams Dinner Party has been a great opportunity to connect with other cookbook lovers and try new recipes from a great variety of new cookbooks. I always look forward to getting a new package in the mail from Abrams!”—Maxwell Gregory
“Abrams Dinner Party was such a fun program to be a part of! It was very educational in cuisine from around the world, in different styles of eating, and introduced me to many new ingredients. I loved getting to connect with the authors and be able to try their recipes first-hand, what an honor!”—May, @bitesbooksbrews 
“One of the things I loved most about the ABRAMS Dinner Party wasn’t the books, though those were amazing, but the friendships made, the support of a wonderful group, and the sharing of recipe triumphs and fails. It was an incredible experience and I learned so much. Hope to do it again!”—Gina Ruiz, Doña Lupe's Kitchen
“I LOVED being part of the ABRAMS dinner party! The cookbooks were so varied and gave me so many scrumptious dishes to add to my rotation. And did I mention the people were nice too?!”—Megan Mann @gingerandchampagne
“As a book reviewer, former bookseller and now librarian, I have worked in the book world for over a decade and have a great sense of love, connection and loyalty to so many publishers and yet there is something special and unique happening with the Abrams Dinner Party that I have not found elsewhere.  Our shared love cooking, ingredients and food has created a community where strangers gather together around a virtual table and compare notes on recipes, celebrate each other’s gastronomical endeavors and celebrate each new cookbook with anticipation and abundant gratitude at being given this honor.  If you show up and participate fully, you will find yourself to not only be the recipient of some of the most beautiful cookbooks of the year but also deep friendships.”—Jesica Sweedler DeHart @wanderingbookseller
“It’s been an honor to have had a place at the Abrams Dinner Party for the last few years. Partnering with Abrams is so easy and a true pleasure, even under the sometimes difficult circumstances of cooking during a pandemic. Their beautiful cookbooks cover a diverse range of cooking and eating styles, and I love introducing them to my online readers. The Dinner Party Facebook group is friendly and supportive, adding an extra-dimension to the whole experience.”—@BethFishReads 

A sneak peak of the upcoming books

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