Abrams Dinner Party

Calling all bookstagrammers, bloggers, foodies, and cookbook lovers!

ABRAMS Books cordially invites you to apply to be a “guest” at the ABRAMS Dinner Party!

Do you have your next meal planned out before you even finish the one before? Do you know where the perfect lighting is in your kitchen for a beautiful photo of your finished dish? Are all of your cookbooks flagged with your “must-makes”? We want you to join our esteemed ranks of social media aficionados in the ABRAMS Dinner Party to become a brand advocate for the ABRAMS food & drink program.

Selected “guests” (or members) will receive our full fall 2022 and spring 2023 food & drink libraries, as well as ABRAMS swag, exclusive advance content, access to author events, the chance to be an official ABRAMS recipe tester, and, of course, bragging rights. You will also gain access to a private online community to chat with other members about the books you’ve received, recipes you’re testing, and anything else that’s going on in the food or book world!

Over the course of a year, we ask that you help spread the word about our books by posting to your online platform. You can tailor your messaging and posts to fit within your existing voice and brand, including, but not limited to, posting photos on Instagram, creating video flip-throughs or tutorials, testing and sharing recipes, writing reviews on your blog, and tweeting out tips from the books.

Fill out the application form below before July 31 to apply.
Selected members will be notified by August 19.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dinner Party Testimonials

“It would be cliche to just say that I loved being a part of the #AbramsDinnerParty (though I truly did). ADP was the invitation to a group of people who understood the perfect joy of cracking open a cookbook for the first time and looking at the recipes built from love, culture, and sometimes inside jokes. It’s commiserating over finding out of season ingredients because we all want to make a fall recipe when we should be reading the spring section, and cheering each other on from our own niches of this little online community. The cookbooks are amazing, well written, delicious, and moving, but #AbramsDinnerParty does a fantastic job of cultivating a unique group of reviewers as well, and at the end of the day, that’s the secret sauce!”—Megan, @baconandmeggo
“I can say without reservation that being a member of the Abrams Dinner Party is one of the highlights of my year. I truly appreciate the support from the Abrams marketing team and love the variety of recipes found in Abrams's cookbooks, which appeal to omnivores, vegans, and everyone in between. What makes the Abrams Dinner Party so special, though, is the behind-the-scenes camaraderie among the group, as we together explore the season's cookbooks, learning new culinary skills, discovering new ingredients, and sharing it all with our followers.”—Candace, @BethFishReads
“I have never had more fun checking my mail than I have this year as a part of Abrams Dinner Party! It has been an absolute blast to have the opportunity to check out and review tons of different cookbooks. I have loved expanding my food interests and learning about many different cultures, ingredients, and dishes through authors who are so passionate about them.”—Rachael, @cookbookconqueror
“As a home baker and home cook always looking to expand my recipe repertoire, Abrams helps me with their top notch cookbooks from a variety of authors featuring various cuisines and techniques. The entire @abramsbooks team is a dream to work with & I’m so grateful to be part of the Abrams Dinner Party!”–Sarah, @reallyintothis
“A dinner party where I was filled to the brim with wonderful stories, delicious recipes and I was always hungry for more with every new books arrival! This is one party you want to RSVP to"—Stacey, @50pies50states
“As a book reviewer, former bookseller and now librarian, I have worked in the book world for over a decade and have a great sense of love, connection and loyalty to so many publishers and yet there is something special and unique happening with the Abrams Dinner Party that I have not found elsewhere.  Our shared love cooking, ingredients and food has created a community where strangers gather together around a virtual table and compare notes on recipes, celebrate each other’s gastronomical endeavors and celebrate each new cookbook with anticipation and abundant gratitude at being given this honor.  If you show up and participate fully, you will find yourself to not only be the recipient of some of the most beautiful cookbooks of the year but also deep friendships.”—Jesica, @wanderingbookseller

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